The MD House Buyer's

This blog outlines our wins and losses as we embark on the journey that is real estate investing. We buy houses to rehab and resell, rent, and wholesale. Follow us as we share tips and tricks we learn along the way and how we navigate the inevitable challenges we encounter along the way

Real Estate Investors in Maryland

This blog is for:

1. Getting started in real estate investing

2. Expanding your current investing strategies

3. Learning about Creo Home Buyers

4. Acquiring new ideas to improve or expand your real estate investing business

Progress Not Perfection

We got started in 2018. As new(er) real estate investors we understand the common concerns and setbacks that accompany those who are just getting started investing in real estate.

Learn From Our Mistakes

Follow us on our journey to learn from our mistakes and shorten your learning curve when it comes to becoming a real estate investor

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